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Linden First – Communities in Cooperation

Mayor Derek Armstead takes a great interest in Economic Development and has contracted an organization Communities In Cooperation, Inc. to provide Consulting Services for the Linden First Employment Readiness Program including but not limited to the economic development design to meet worker and business needs while developing pathways out of poverty by training and job readiness strategies to help residents move to family-sustaining jobs; and help employers find and retain skilled employees.

How to become connected? Scheduled on Wednesdays at 10 am is a job readiness workshop that provides a wealth of information from interviewing techniques to resume updates plus more.  To follow, you become a part of the data base and an assigned job coach walk you through the process of obtaining employment – as much or as little as needed in assisting you navigate through the system along with providing a recommendation to the employer of interest – once you formally apply on-line for the positions of choice.  Six (6) out of every ten (10) job-seekers successful gain employment opportunities using this process.  Details for contacting Linden First and/or registering to become connected can be found here.

Linden First is run by Pastor Pamela Jones.