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Tax Assessor

What is the function of the Tax Assessor’s Office?

The Tax Assessor’s Office is responsible for the accurate accounting of all properties in a particular town. The assessor is responsible for placing the “Fair Assessable” value on each separate parcel in a particular tow. Our office is also responsible for approving and tracking any deductions that may be placed on a property. Important links to websites include:

How are my property taxes calculated?

The amount of your tax bill depends on two factors. The first is the assessed value of your property, (Which the Assessor’s Office is responsible for). The second is the tax rate. To calculate the amount of taxes your paid in any particular year multiply your assessed value by the tax rate. (assessed value x tax rate = $amount of taxes)

What is the tax rate and how is it calculated?

The tax rate for each town is set by the Union County Board of Taxation on an annual basis. The tax rate for each town varies and it will vary from year to year for that particular town. The tax rate is determined by the annual budgets of the three taxes entities. The local school system, the county and your local municipality. All three entities make up the overall “General Tax Rate” that every property pays on in a particular town. The largest portion of anyone’s tax bill goes to the local school board.

The tax rate is calculated by dividing the total budgets of all three entities involved, by the ratable total of the municipality.

What are improvements that will increase my property’s assessed value?

Generally speaking any market item that would increase the market value of your property would increase the assessed value of your property. Below is a general list of improvements that would increase your assessed value.

  • Additions (adding square footage)
  • Remodeling of living space ( Modernizing the Kitchen and bathrooms)
  • Adding a deck or porch or patio.
  • Detached garage
  • Central air conditioning
  • Finishing your basement when it wasn’t previously finished
  • In-ground pool

What are forms available at the Assessors Office?

  • Resident Senior Citizen/Disabled Person Deduction Form
  • Veteran’s /Surviving Spouse/Civil Union Partner Deduction Form
  • Disabled Veteran’s Exemption form
  • Supplemental Peacekeeping Mission Forms. These are needed at times for veterans that served in any peace keeping missions.
  • Tax Appeal Forms ( Limited during the applicable time period) Appeals must be filed By April 1st of the tax year with the Union County Board of Taxation
  • Other Abatement Forms (If applicable)

What are qualifications for deductions Available at the Assessor’s Office?

Senior/Disabled Persons Deduction – Deduction amount $250.00

  • Person must live in the house and have an income of less than $10,000 not counting.
  • What they receive from Social Security/Disability. All other income is included. For Senior Deduction person must be 65 or older and show proof of age.

Veteran’s Deduction – Deduction amount $250.00

  • Person must be an honorably discharged veteran that served in the prescribed time periods on the form.
  • Copy of discharge papers preferably their DD2-14 forms required by law.

What are other deductions that could be available?

  • Homestead Rebate
  • Property Tax Reimbursement (Property Tax Freeze)
  • These are available through the New Jersey Division of Taxation. Application must meet all The specified criteria set by the division. Amounts and criteria are subject to change.