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KMSA Summer Soccer Camp

Join KMSA for a Summer Soccer Camp. The development camp will be run by KMSA Sporting Director Kayode Mckinnon and Technical Staff Awal Ahmed.

The Summer Soccer Camp will place players in objective moments and reality-based situations that replicate the game.

Click here to view and/or download the informational flyer for this program.

  • Who: Open to children ages 4 through 15. Click the flyer here for more details regarding the age groups.
  • What: A soccer skills and focus development camp. Players will be put through their paces with a high level of physical and cognitive demands, all based around their ages and stages of development. The primary focus is on the individual and technical needs of the campers to raise their abilities to complete roles/tasks, as well as detailed information and actions that are crucial to the implementation of the expectations in the game.
  • Where: Al Kalla Park, which is located at 2800 Wickersham Avenue.
  • When: July 27th to July 8th, 2022. Click the flyer here for more details regarding the time slots for different age groups.
  • How: Register here. Please send a confirmation email here notifying us if you will be attend both or just one week of the camp. The KMSA Anything Is Possible Training Jersey must be purchased for the KMSA Summer Soccer Camp. Please indicate the shirt size and the quantity you would like to purchase for the 2 weeks. Please make all payments to Kayode Mckinnon & Co. with check, money order, or pay in cash. The payment can be dropped off at the KMSA Office, which is located on the second floor at 861 South Avenue, Plainfield, NJ 07062. This is the building between two construction sites that has the words Royal Building on the front. The payment can be put through the mail slot on the left front door. Please notify us of the date and time you will be dropping off your payment so KMSA staff can be available to assist if there are any issues finding our office location. Once we have received the confirmation email, we will send all KMSA documents that need to be signed and emailed back to us as soon as possible. Pricing is as follows: Ages 4 – 7 = $220 (Both Weeks) || 1 week = $120 || Sibling Discount – $20 Off per sibling. Ages 8 – 15 = $ 320 (Both Weeks) || 1 week = $170 || Sibling Discount – $20 Off per sibling. KMSA Anything Is Possible Training Jersey – $25 per shirt. Any questions, please call (551) 242-0042, Monday through Friday from 9am until 12pm.