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Mayor Derek Armstead Saves Linden from Massive Tax Hike


Linden, New Jersey, May 1, 2023 – Linden Mayor Derek Armstead successfully offset a $3.2 MM loss caused by Governor Philip Murphy’s costly statewide New Jersey Health Benefits Plan. In fact, instead of a drastic property tax increase, Mayor Armstead’s creative allocation of municipal resources and collaboration with the Linden Board of Education resulted in a tax cut for Linden homeowners.

Armstead’s leadership was crucial in identifying solutions to the significant financial setback. He brought the Linden Board of Education into the mix, enabling the school system to identify $2 MM in potential tax savings. The Mayor then leveraged these savings, combined with his own creative allocation of municipal resources to produce a tax cut for all Linden homeowners. The achievement generated widespread praise, with residents commending the Mayor’s ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to complex problems. 

“As a former Mayor, I know the issue of employee benefits is an annual struggle,” said former West Orange Mayor Robert Parisi, who commented on Armstead’s fiscal wizardry. “There’s a contractual financial responsibility as well as a moral obligation to take care of your municipal employees where the costs are undeniable, so what Mayor Armstead did to eliminate that deficit is creative good government, and it demonstrates what an effective leader he is.”

First elected Mayor of Linden in 2014, Armstead has made significant strides improving the City’s infrastructure and economy with interconnected yet autonomous government agencies. His focus on creating jobs, attracting new businesses, and improving Linden residents’ quality of life has built a great relationship among its diverse population. 

Armstead’s leadership during this recent financial challenge further demonstrated his ability to navigate complex issues and produce tangible results. With Linden now enjoying a tax cut thanks to his efforts, Armstead’s reputation as an effective leader has only increased.

Some political observers have speculated that Armstead’s success could make him an attractive candidate for Governor in 2025, as Armstead’s continued success in Linden may be attractive to voters looking for a leader who can get things done. For now, Linden residents are celebrating Mayor Armstead’s success, offsetting a significant financial loss while providing ongoing tax relief for Linden, New Jersey homeowners.