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Notice for Request for Qualifications and Request for Proposals (RFQ/RFP) for BLOCK 496, LOTS 33.01, 34, 35.01 AND 36.01 (500, 524, 600 And 700 W. Edgar Road) Redevelopment Area

Submission Due Date: November 7, 2022, 10am

The City is issuing this RFQ/RFP to assess the qualifications of developers interested in the acquisition and redevelopment of the Redevelopment Area which is comprised of approximately 7.22 acres. Currently, Block 469, Lots 33.01, 34, 35.01 and 36.01 are located in a redevelopment area which permits retail, office, hotel, convenience store with associated gasoline sale, mixed-use, self-storage and grocery store uses.

As a result of the conditions within the Redevelopment Area, on May 17, 2017, the City Council adopted a resolution designating the Redevelopment Area as an “area in need of condemnation redevelopment” under the Redevelopment Law. The City intends to utilize the powers granted to it under the Redevelopment Law to encourage and incentivize the revitalization of the Redevelopment Area, including the undertaking of this RFQ/RFP.

To view, download, and/or print the RFQ/RFP, please click here.

Responses should be submitted to shall be submitted via email to, with copy to